Main Dimensions
LOA 9.4 m 31 ft
LOD 8.2 m 27 ft
LWL 7.6 m 25 ft
Bmax 2.4 m 8 ft
Draft 1.2 m 3'10" ft+in
Disp.* 3860 kg 8500 lb
VD 3.76 m3 133 ft3
Ballast 1400 kg 3100 lb
SA 36.6 m2 394 ft2

* The specification of the Norsea 27 shows 8100 pounds of displacement. However this number is probably the lowest limit. There are reports of fully equiped Norsea weighting more than 11'000 pounds. Plume was weighted at 8400 pounds before going in water, with sails and one anchor, but some equipement like the stove or head were still missing. So 8500 pound is probably a realistic number for the empty boat.

LOA Length Over All Longueur Hors Tout
LOD Length On Deck Longueur de Coque
LWL Length at Water Line Longueur à la Flotaison
Bmax Maximum Beam Beau Maximum
Draft "Draft" Tirant d'eau
VD Volume Displacement
= Displ / 64
Déplacement en Volume
= Displ / 1025
SA Sail Area Surface de Voilure