The NØRSEA 27 has been designed by Lyle Hess in 1977. About 250 boats have been produced using the same original mold which was used in 1979 for hull #1.

Plume has been built in the Nor'Sea Yachts boatshop in Ontario (CA) managed by Bob Eeg.

Lyle Hess wanted a boat small enough to be trailerable, without any concession on the seaworthiness. The reasonable size of the NØRSEA 27, its legendary robustness and its limited draft have been key points in our choice of a sailboat for the San Francisco bay... And a little bit farther if winds permit!

In addition, the NØRSEA 27 is one of the only sailboat that you can get as a kit (3 versions available to complete yourself) on the West Coast. It was important for us to be able to monitor the quality of the work done at the boatshop and to be able to do the finish work ourselves (money wise and to get exactly what we wanted). Bog Eeg was kind enough to let us a full access to his boatshop and we were working there every other weekend during six month. Beside the advantage of having professional tools, we learned a lot form Bob and his excellent carpenter Alonso.