"Plume" Project Log Book

August 3rd 2001
Decision of acquiring a small and seaworthy boat for sailing the San Francisco Bay. She will be named «Plume» (feather).
August 2001
Visit of a few used Norsea sailboats for sale (including «Sea of Tranquility»).
August 24th 2001
First visit to Norsea Yachts (Ontario, CA) and discovery of our future blue hull (almost empty).
September 20th 2001
Signature of the contract with Bob EEG, owner of Norsea Yachts, for a new Norsea 27, Kit III.
October 2001
Alonzo, the carpenter, works on the interior.
We start sanding and painting the inside of all the lockers as well as their lids.
November 2001
Santiago, the laminator, works on the deck moulding.
We start varnishing the ceiling strips of the main and aft cabins.
December 2001
Alonzo builds the caprails, rubrails and other wood pieces for the deck.
We are creating a battery box, working on the electricity and plumbing, sanding, varnishing, sanding, varnishing, sanding, varnishing...
January 3rd 2002
Plume is decked!
February 2002
Negotiations with Bob regarding delivery and payment schedule... Eventually we come up with a common agreement and good plan.
Alonzo finishes the companionways, ladder, table, tool and electric boxes.
We start doing some woodwork ourselves, learning a lot from Alonzo.
March 3rd 2002

We try the engine and put the mast and sails on for a few hours in the yard’s parking lot. They all look great!
We install two winches and the compass.

March 26-27 2002

Tim (from Rufus Transport) trails Plume from Ontario to Alameda with his big diesel truck.

Beginning April 2002
Plume receives six coats of epoxy under the waterline as well as two coats of bottom paint in Grand Marina boat yard.
The three weeks that Plume spends in the yard just allow us to finish a few projects required for the launch (e.g. seacock installation, mast preparation).
April 12th 2002

Plume is launched (a Friday...!).
She floats!

April 20-21 2002
Plume participates to the Norsea Fest and meets five other Norsea 27 at the Oakland Yacht Club. It has been seven months since the contract has been signed!
End April 2002
We spend two weekends preparing the deck (winches, cleats, blocks, etc.).
May 4th 2002
Plume’s first tack. Not only she floats but also she does sail. Terrific!
Passage under the Bay Bridge. The crew remains breathless in front of the San Francisco “City”.
May 5th 2002
Second navigation day that leads to Plume’s main harbor: San Leandro Marina. This wonderful tack will remain in our memory forever and marks the end of the construction (even though a lot of work remains to be done...) and beginning of Plume’s sailing adventures!