Happy New Year 2010!

We spent a cold but wonderful new year eve in a campground at Joshua Tree National Park. We slept 3 nights under our small tent next to our new trailer. Kenzo had his first real rock climbing introduction on the colored granite: who could dream of a better place to inaugurate a new pair of climbing shoes and harness!

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On the road again

Last year it took us one month to sail from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. Yesterday it took us 7 hours (there was a lot of traffic) to L.A. (Chino to be precise). Of course, we did not enjoy Monterey or Santa-Barbara for 10 days on the way, and is true we started more south since we departed from Cupertino 😉 .

The important thing is that we left: this is a hard part!

The last days were hectic, as usual. Shopping was intense: Saturday we tackled West Marine, REI, Michaels Art and Crafts, Village Starionary, Kragen Auto Part, Sears, Whole Food, FedEx. And since we did not have time to cover everything, we continued Monday in Chino with: Trader’s Joe, ACE Hardware, AutoZone and closed the list at 9p.m. with Fry’s Electronics… This is probably the most horrible part when taking off: the infinite list of last minute items that are still missing. And this is after months of minutiae planing and shopping by Cecile! In this stupid list of stores, you may notice a new trend: less boating (we covered the subject last year), and more car stuff. This is because we just took possession of our new trailer! Yes, we will continue the trip from L.A. to San Carlos towing a 2500lbs 3 axle trailer that can safely carry Plume on the way back.

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Hello World

Plume (Web)Log is born.

We will be logging here both the technical aspects of Plume and her cruising adventures. This site is mostly for ourselves and our close friends, but it is open to anyone who shares our love of sailing and of the Norsea 27!

We moved to a blog rather than standard website for both the ease of update and the “temporal” aspect of our log. Our “classic” web site is still accessible.

This log is coupled with a Photo-Blog accessible on the right side bar Photo Gallery (sail or technical).

We hope to be able to update this site frequently!

Cécile & Lorenzo & Kenzo

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