Chacala update

Today the 3 powerboats and the only sailboat left the anchorage. Maybe they felt it was too uncomfortable: we were the only boat putting a stern anchor for the night and it helped a lot. The 45ft powerboat next to us was exactly transverse to the swell and it was impressive to see it rocking 25 deg back and forth every 4s!

So it is definitely Easter vacation: here they last 2 weeks! However, the playa is full of Mexican people: we felt less annoyed than on beaches crowed with Frenches or Gringos 😉 Reminiscent from what you see in the city, the beach is patrolled by 3 heavily armed “Marina” army people… We are wondering what they are doing here. There is also a full staff of the Mexican red cross: not a bad idea with so many people and so much surf. In fact, Cecile has been “rescued” by a life guard who swim to her when she was just 30m beyond the breaker line. He advised her that it was forbidden to swim so far. To what she responded that it was less dangerous than the kids left alone in the breakers…

Well, when Chacala returns to its quiet time, it is certainly a little paradise with this great beach bordered by coconut trees. Currently everybody in the bay can enjoy the disco from 7pm to 2am!

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