We are now in a big city, with a nice downtown, and a convenient anchorage (but depending on the wind we get the smell from the sewage station…). This is carnival and the ambiance is festive. We like shopping at the mercado and Kenzo enjoys swimming at Isla de Piedra.

Good news: we have received a replacement EPIRB (did not function after the San Carlos summer) from Florida so are ready to continue further south.

Bad news: we have a leak on our engine fresh water pump, so we had to order a new one in California. We hope to receive it in San Blas in a couple of weeks…

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The coast between Guaymas and Mazatlan has not been cruised by many boats. The charts are off and the boating guides vague. Therefore there is a lot to be discovered. In Topololambo for instance, after sailing the 10 mile narrow channel boarded with breakers, we ended-up finding our own uncharted anchorage in the delta of a small river. The village looks quite poor, but people in the streets seem to be enjoying life peacefully.

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Guaymas by the Sea

Last week we did a small see trial outside San Carlos. We had serious wind and confused seas that put Plume and the crew to the test. As usual Plume sailed fine. The crew however needed better sea legs 😉 We spent the 2 following days at anchor inside the San Carlos Bay. The first night we had a serious thunderstorm with very gusty winds and lightning for several hours. Good test for the anchoring system and to evaluate how quickly we can disconnect our antennas.

After a good day resting at the anchorage and visiting the nearby beach, we finally took off for the large bay of Guaymas. This was a very welcome change for us because we were tired of San Carlos, sounding too much like work…
In addition, Guaymas from the sea is much more beautiful than from land!

We still had our car because we were waiting for a package in San Carlos. But we could see that we did the switch from land to sea: the car that was a nice convenience while working on the boat, suddenly became an annoyance (we had to pick it up by bus, park it, etc.).

After a week, we have finished our last projects, received our package, filled Plume with food, put the car in storage, and enjoyed pre-carnival atmosphere: we are ready to go south!

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