Leak test

The big storm that passed over California and Arizona Thursday to Saturday affected the weather even down here in San Carlos. From Geary’s blog on Jan 23:

Yesterday morning we had a report of 57 knot winds just to the north of San Carlos. This morning I received an email from Don on All the Way in San Carlos that said they had 5 sailboats and 2 powerboats on the beach with only two being successfully taken off so far.

In the marina we did not suffer like the poor boats that ended on the beach, but we could not believe it would rain so much… We were really slow to wake up and start closing the ports. Result: one of our 2 small keyboard did not survive being filled with water :-(

We also discovered that 2 ports are now leaking (there were not during the hurricane, otherwise we would have seen water marks). Unfortunately, one of them is above the chart table: require a fix…

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We are in the water, and not sinking!
This is wonderful to feel that Plume is a boat again :-)

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Hola Mexico

After some stops in Phoenix and Tucson (delightfully hosted by some friends who are/were Norsea owners) we finally crossed the border January 6th. It took us 2 hours and several hundred pesos to declare some items (for whose who know, we got a “green” light)¬†and get new visas. Pretty good for a first passage, but it delayed us enough that we arrived by night at San Carlos. But we had a night booked at Adlai and we grabbed a nice dinner at Rosa’s Cantina.

The next morning we discovered Plume at the boat yard with our own eyes for the first time after 5 months and one hurricane. Everything was impregnated with dust, but we found no serious damage.

From there, the hard days to convert Plune-storage to Plume-sailboat started. The boat had been totally reorganized to sustain the summer heat with almost all the gear stored inside. It is an interesting puzzle to restore the boat to a livable space. The first effort was put on the aft cabin, thus Kenzo recovered his own area with his toys and books! Now he does not want to leave Plume to go back to the hotel!

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Happy New Year 2010!

We spent a cold but wonderful new year eve in a campground at Joshua Tree National Park. We slept 3 nights under our small tent next to our new trailer. Kenzo had his first real rock climbing introduction on the colored granite: who could dream of a better place to inaugurate a new pair of climbing shoes and harness!

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