On the road again

Last year it took us one month to sail from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. Yesterday it took us 7 hours (there was a lot of traffic) to L.A. (Chino to be precise). Of course, we did not enjoy Monterey or Santa-Barbara for 10 days on the way, and is true we started more south since we departed from Cupertino šŸ˜‰ .

The important thing is that we left: this is a hard part!

The last days were hectic, as usual. Shopping was intense: Saturday we tackled West Marine, REI, Michaels Art and Crafts, Village Starionary, Kragen Auto Part, Sears, Whole Food, FedEx. And since we did not have time to cover everything, we continued Monday in Chino with: Trader’s Joe, ACE Hardware, AutoZone and closed the list at 9p.m. with Fry’s Electronics… This is probably the most horrible part when taking off: the infinite list of last minute items that are still missing. And this is after months of minutiae planing and shopping by Cecile! In this stupid list of stores, you may notice a new trend: less boating (we covered the subject last year), and more car stuff. This is because we just took possession of our new trailer! Yes, we will continue the trip from L.A. to San Carlos towing a 2500lbs 3 axle trailer that can safely carry Plume on the way back.

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We had an intense period at the end of August with the visit of Jimena to the Sea of Cortez.

Jimena Tracks

Friends were able to send us good news of Plume after the massive flooding that devastated the San Carlos area (and a lot of other places of course). The first pictures we got immediately after Jimena passageĀ  are visible at here.

There would be a lot more to say about this event we lived remotely from Switzerland, about the sailors that were less lucky than us and about all the people of this region of Mexico that have been so damaged by Jimena. However we missed the opportunity to publish at the time and we are now moving to another story (even if we may still have some bad surprises when arriving on Plume).

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